Top 10 Players Who Have Played For Juventus Milan & Inter

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Top 10 Players Who Have Played For Juventus, Milan & Inter
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giova says:

Meazza played in juve only one year, not 42-53

Eshay says:

meazza played for rube for one season, not 11…

Hamza Nerazzurro says:

Meazza only inter

European Stuff says:

Baggio the best

Ludovico Sebastianelli says:

meazza played only one year in juventus

GameOver says:

Madrid&Barca ?

Les Fotballeur says:

Like a boss!!!

Tommaso Schena says:

We want Ibra back to Italy

ArrehAicha says:

Ibrahimovich never played for juventus

Mahmat Ali says:

This is why they made Ibrahimovic a legend

Abdul Elmorabet says:

Khalid's it's me Abdul I was with u yesterday

Mahdi Taher says:


Francesco Grande says:


Juan Gil says:

Why so specific

Blazear says:


Lkrie says:

What About Lionel Messi and Cristian Ronaldo who Are they playing for

Lionel Messigician says:

amazing video as u

Mino I says:

ronaldinho goucho

mgpant mg says:

Is not nice the juventus new logo I don't like it at all

AlfaRN says:

zlatanın oynamadığı takım yokki wqqwwqwqqw :DDD

Donzus Fcb says:

Ibrahimovic doesent play for this clubs this clubs plays for him

alawey vc 87 says:

This list was made for bounnci

DjaydenPvPzZ says:

I like your video's 👍

Jack Wato says:

2nd comment

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