Why Cristiano Ronaldo Left Real Madrid For Juventus

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Cristiano Ronaldo has rocked football by deciding to join Juventus from Real Madrid. ESPN’s Martin Ainstein explains why the sensational move has happened.

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Kriti suzuya says:

I know now that every chirstano ronaldo and real fan will understand how hard it is when ur fav player leave ur fav team

From neymar and barca fan.

Moge Bamey says:

He is not egoistic, he is making history ✌✌

Henrik Paul says:

Cristiano Ronaldo is best

Football Lover'Z says:

I think that RONALDO looks more smart😎 in real mandrid jercey instead of juventus jerceys

Jay Jay says:

Real Madrid are already playing better as a team without him.

Subhash Ghosh says:

For money he left Real Madrid it's true

Usuario y tal says:

Christian fled Spain because of taxes.
La vida sigue…

Mohid Ali says:

Now there is no one in laliga for Messi to beat

VEGETTA 777. says:

Cris por que te vas a la juventus

VEGETTA 777. says:

Hey ronaldo eres el puto amo


He will b forever legend#cr7 love ya

Manny Oliveira says:

When the Madrid fans boo the best player in the history of the club and disrespect him and when the president of the club does not appreciate him, the only thing to do is get the hell out of there and go to another club that is going to respect and appreciate you. Sorry Madridistas, you blew it and you don't deserve him! Forza Juve!

Macro Lvl Music says:

Because that's what Zidane Did when he was a player.

Deravaxaluz Deravaxaluz says:

Real Madrid will not be like before.

Leo Del Solar says:

He left because of his legal/tax problems in Spain.

Debraj Saikia says:

I still love Cr7

Shifa Kapadia says:

Omg ronaldo left real Madrid oh but I will support him he is my football champion

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