Juventus 3-0 Atletico Madrid (3-2 agg.): Champions League Recap with Goals and Best Moments

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All the action from Turin as yet another Cristiano Ronaldo masterclass so Juventus comeback to defeat Atletico Madrid


Mr RightNow says:

wat a God . beat ATM by himself lol

Abubakar Abdulqadir says:

Cr7 are the best

Abubakar Abdulqadir says:

Ronaldo now u back

Uyen Chung says:

I hate juve now

Cody says:

Bernardeschi played the perfect game, MOTM tbh

Matty Ice says:

Ronaldo tryna solidify his crown as the king of the champions league. Juventus winning it all

joe 90 says:

No penalty..he tripped on his own leg..wanker however love Renaldo..


I guess oblak didnt oblock the goals

Ricardi vanegas says:

Why would atletico ever play like this?So narrow. You cant sit back against a team like juve. you need to attack, put pressure and try to attack.Whilst atletico did none of these things.We didn't show up,nor did we try.We didn't play with the character we did at the Wanda.But I will always be a colchonero. #FORZAATLETI

yuyufool117 says:

Blessed to have been able to watch this game.

Ephraim Bokoyo says:

Stranger things have happened

Cr7: i do this every day #respect

Nazim Hajiyev says:

Great win. As much as I want my Ajax to go through I belive Ronaldo n co will go, but again you never know. Ajax n Juve will be great game. Ajax 💪

Jack Zack says:

Old lady is on fire 🔥

Kkdude__boii XD says:

Cr7 hatrick hero

For all of his team 24/7!!!

antonio moreno says:

Bernardeschi need more credit for Juventus fan without him in Ronaldo Juventus we wouldn't be able to defect atletico Madrid period. Forza Juve Forza bernardeschi.

Yang Clau says:

Not a penalty, bad call

Azazello1482 says:

3:53 The real hero is Bernardeschi for his acting. Am I the only one who sees this blatant dive? Even in real time it was clear he had no intention of ever shooting the ball. His only objective was to make it into the penalty box and then fall to the ground. He waited until he felt the slightest contact–in this case, a couple of fingers on his back–and he clipped his own leg and threw himself down theatrically. This was so goddamn obvious. The fact that no one is acknowledging this makes me feel like I'm taking crazy pills…

Enigma Severus says:

Ronaldo got lucky. His first goal was a foul, second goal he got lucky, third goal was not a penalty.

长青 刘 says:



That's why cr7 is the best of the world.

Al Ramones says:

Cristiano is not only a great human being, he's one of the best players in history, with different teams, not only in one

Jian Gao says:

Did I see Nedved in the last scene?

Ali Shademan says:

Ronaldo is better than Real Madrid lmao

jp jp says:

Ronaldo can play till 40 given his hard work and dedication and will power . Love this man

Peter says:

Did he trip himself there at the very end to win that penalty? 4:04 kinda indicates he did 🤔 he kicked himself lol it's very clear

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