'Cristiano Ronaldo is arrogant, he will always carry Real Madrid trademark'

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Real Madrid announced on Tuesday (July 10) that Cristiano Ronaldo would leave the club and complete a move to Juventus. Fans at the Bernabeu expressed sadness at the decision, claiming that the player is not replaceable and that he will always be part of Real Madrid. Tickets for stadium tour and the advertising posters still had images of Ronaldo on them, but Real Madrid replica shirts with his name were not on sale old any more at the Real Madrid club shop. (Video: SNTV). For World Cup stories, click: http://read.ht/Bost
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Gjcg Vhh Ch says:

Fuck you ronaldo

GameBros Ⓡ says:

first guy said he didn't expect this? mate your fans boo the star player because he doesn't score a 1000 goals and your president (cunt perez) treats the club legends like shit. not surprised he left a pathetic club with no respect.


As expected … Bloody Indian Media πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ .

manish jadhav says:

Fuck you Hindustan Times..always shows wrong headlines to get views..grow up..

CR 7 says:

Ronaldo is GOAT

Mayank Nautiyal says:

Fuck you Hindustan times ..

Dapaatoi edmond says:

Real madrid will miss everything about cristiano, he was a true legend. i Doubt anyone can ever emulate what he has done, been on that level for so long, he was and still is the greatest

AbsoluteXXIV says:

Correction, Ronaldo won't carry the Real Madrid trademark , Real Madrid will carry the CR7 Trademark.

Real Madrid were in shambles before Ronaldo arrived in 2009.

Madrid didn't create Ronaldo, Ronaldo elevated Madrid.

hweenmask says:

not that great of a player. only 2 ligas in 9 years despite all his goals (over 300 in about 290 games, alot of tap ins too). not that relevant in champions league finals, except the 2017 versus juventus… same for portugal, they won the euro with cristiano off the pitch. way overpriced/overrated. madrid should be happy for the deal they got – and i know they are, they didn't even try to hold on to cristiano. they got a mega selloff deal 100m. juventus can only count on jersey sale now to offset their loss.

satrac says:

Please don't confuse arrogance with confidence. arrogance means that he has false abilities and he clearly has them.

pachy 1892 says:

Shocking u choose
WrOng headline
Last guy opinion perfect suits to real madrid & ronaldo

terry City of Liverpool. says:

He is a raving queen as well as arrogant. Up his own arse and not as good as he thinks he is. Camper than a long row of tents.

Tom Hulme says:

Hate him or love him hes on top of the football world.

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