Ronaldo's 600th Career Club Goal! | Inter 1-1 Juventus | Top Moment | Serie A

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He's great ! A fighter ! It's a big ! a real football fan! a boy of heart! an example for any footballer in his work and in the field, with all his teammates wherever he goes, he gives all his expertise and he honors any coach! and above all it gives happiness for those who follow him !💗💗💗

Hasindu Dilshan says:

What a rocket 🚀 !!!!

Suvendu Karar says:

Ronaldo will be more stronger next season after adjusting in new team, new environment & new country.😍😍😍

MSA 25 says:

The thumbnail is awesome.

Lionel messigician says:

When Ronaldo got the ball I wanted him to pass everyone and score a beauty

Marcello Ametrano says:

Ronaldo u cannibale

JoKeEr says:

Compare this with Messis 600th goal..

Isaiah Mona says:

ronaldo and messi 600th goal they are equal

Peachy Cooks says:


xRedAk47gaming says:

Messi 600th!!!

Cartel Music Real 2019 says:

Es único CR7 ⚽⚽😎😎💪💪

Not Leco II says:

Messi 600-600 Ronaldo and Messi is younger

muema sammy says:

I takes time to to win champions league…. But with this man it might take too soon..

Tata Nyoa says:

The king goat nomber one word😍

BleTrick says:

My favorite part about Ronaldo this season is that he hasn’t blatantly dived once! I’ve seen every game. Juventus are mostly a boring team with flashes of brilliance every once and a while. I’m shocked that Ronaldo could end the season with over 30 goals and 10 assists, especially considering how Juventus play, how old he is and that it’s his first season. 100% sure he and Juventus will do better next season and hopefully win the UCL.

Mohanned Tajuddain says:


Fabio Battaglio says:


Tcheverlika says:

Demonic shot accuracy.

Matuidicharo says:

En la juventus el Numero Sette Cristiano Ronaldo!!!! Cristiano Ronaldo !!!! Cristiano Ronaldo !!!! siuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

Voglio essere una sedia says:

Ea sports was right… low driven shots exist…

JoJo says:

Did you see that back pass from Pjanic lets get more of those to CR7 because he can react fast

SOR says:

Insane goal , Amazing mortal shot

Neil Concepcion says:

that ball never touched the ground until it hit the net what a laser

Maria Fernanda Oliveira Da Silva says:

Parabens Ronaldo

Preeti Shetty says:

losser messi

Aman Brhane says:

Cristiano Ronaldo super man best player ever

Alfathgoffard 7 says:

Like a rocket.🚀

Eu Nolano says:

Che Goduria

DeGea_007 says:

GOAT for a reason

G.O.A.T G.O.A.T says:

G.O.A.T.NA.L.D.O 🐐

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