Zidane back to Real Madrid, Guardiola to Juventus? – Best of the weekend – Oh My Goal

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Lots has gone on in the football world over the last few days. THE biggest news concerns Zinédine Zidane. The French coach is heading back to Real Madrid, much to the delight of Madrid fans!

In England, it has been announced that Pep Guardiola may be going to Juventus. Which leaves the possibility for the football world to see the Catalan mastermind working with a certain Cristiano Ronaldo.

Staying in England, Arsenal took their chance when they beat Manchester United (2-0). An important win which means the Gunners have moved ahead of the Red Devils in the Premier League.


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Suresh Tripura says:

I would say Morinho would be best for juve

Rita Dagher says:

If Guardiola goes to juve then he had trained both messi and Ronaldo

Man of ideas Official says:

Finally the long awaited saviour has arose, to lift Madrid from ruins and to lead them to glories.

Chingkam Buchem says:

#Juve has a great coach and no to Dog(Gardiola)

Shrish Basnet says:

Who else but, Zidane!!!! 😁

itzDutch says:

I'd like to thank Pep Guardiola for being such a great manager and a great person for staying with us and not being a back-stabber. We've been amazing under him and for it to continue would be the best to be able to happen to City as a club.

André Van der Linden says:

Guardiola going (yet again) to a club that can easily win domestic cups? What a challenge

Tedpole Rime says:

Music 👌 👌 … Where is this music from ??

Anonymously Yours says:

I respect zidane as much as anyone I am a kid who was fan of him back in his playing days but RMD my all time favorite club is bringing back the coach but what are they going to do about the the defense which is just all of a sudden gone below average our midfield was always over rated I always said this and I still say this it was Ronaldo who with his big name covered for our poor midfield now that he is gone our midfield gets in trouble more often and they are forced to defend which they are let's be honest mostly a failure at! and our front we can't even talk about them there is nobody only two hopes were Asensio and bale bale is a once in a blue moon type of player while Asensio seems to have lost his venom which he showed at the start of his career! RMD needs two good midfielders who can defend modric and isco can attack but their defense is just below par and in attack there was a reason no coach in RMD made benzema the front guy he is good but he can't lead the attack it's a fact we need at least someone good enough if not the level of Ronaldo you can't get another Ronaldo so it's better RMD acknowledges the fact and makes decisions accordingly!

ANT BLOX says:

Who’s here after ronaldo scored a hat Rick for Juventus and knocked out athletico Madrid

Gfygubu 6vyufyf says:

Ronaldo 3-0 ATM
Yeah real didn't need him 😂😂😂

The Solemn Wishes says:

Lmao … Pep playing counterattact is a joke

sunshine says:

PEP is going nowhere

DeogratiusJR vlogs says:

Thank you for visiting my channel..♥️♥️♥️
Have a lovely day buddy

Alexander De Souza says:

Pep is limited to where he can go, I don’t see him managing another English, German or Spanish club. Realistically it’s PSG, Italian football is too defensive for him.

Ameek Gurung says:

Zz back to home now madrid will rock n roll

skooz skuzz says:

olm ramos la araları pek iyi değil zidane ın zidane miss gibi adam noldu lan ramoss

kammale - says:

Where is the commentary?

Why are you making me read?

its Gift TV says:

Real Madrid won 3 cups in a row but I wonder why is it because of ❤Ronaldo or Zidane 🖕🏾

Redwan husseyn says:

that's a no ig
Man city having their prime Time with pep

Amit Dhanokar says:

Pep to juve😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
What a joke

Yung Lsg says:

And to think none of this would have happened if he hadn't left…

But finally we have someone who knows what he's doing

Sakib Rehman says:

Where's your voice gone

KBB_FunProductions says:


ApjH says:

He said he will leave only if he get sacked

Tzatziki le Puceau says:

One of the two players that managed to be a legend as player and manager

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