Kylian Mbappé vs Real Madrid (Away) HD 1080i (14/02/2018)

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Kylian Mbappé vs Real Madrid (Away) HD 1080i (14/02/2018)

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MNcompsJR says:

From 1-10, how would you rate his first season in Paris?

Mate Kontra says:

I like how at 4:15 the commentator is like he couldnt do a rabone even tho it was obviously a fake lmao

Wildstyle D says:

I know this is about Mbappe….but who agree that things haven’t been the same for Neymar since he left Barca?…

Max Mitchell says:

2:27 when he said Man U on Sevilla it reminded me that we will be back in the emerdale cup next season☹️

Sofian Boufal says:

4:19 fake fake rabona

Ankit Roy says:

Mbappe didn't mean to rabona he meant to do fake rabona!

mega maxxy says:

Speed…yes….sense no

Axel says:

Vaya tronco que es el tal Troncoppe …. $300 millones ajajajajaja …. Que se quede en Paris, ahí no estorba a nadie.

ZANYTV says:

that was a fake rebona not a rebona you noob commentators

F0xXzT3Rr Al3j0 says:



Only him make real team exhausted

Aldair Mendoza says:

Kilian se parece al tonto de las tortugas ninja

Am Batman says:

He is good but Mbappe fucks up a lot

victor gabriel turpo says:


sleeker PM says:

psg vs real madris …
no creo que mbappe juegue solo … tnes que cambiar el titulo

Aram Daniel Garcia De La Cruz Garcia De La Cruz says:


Ultimate Gohan says:

Join madrid and become the Best superstar mbappe

Đức Đào says: chắc k ai làm đc

Friedrich Nietzsche Flamenguista says:

Sérgio Ramos não perdoa o mlk

Jawad Barghouti says:

Le matche EST tai la quata avec real

Jose Diaz says:

4:19 rebona

Hazzi Saber Farraj Jr says:

It's hard to do something when the reff is against you…

emmanuel lara says:

No hizo ni madres :c

paco ramon says:

Ramos shut up him for 180 minutes.

Ariel Jara says:

Es un especialista en correr rapido y en sacarse la pelota de encima

Ariel Jara says:

Este pibito se quiere comparar con messi ..mmmmm ni los botines le puede atar

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