Bayern Munich vs. Juventus Pre Match Analysis Preview – Champions League

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EkoGamesTV says:

Haha what's Mourinho then ? At least pep wins titles , not turning teams into cr**p like Mourinho does

Danyal Chughtai says:

Can somebody please explain me why Juve dosent play the 3-5-2 i mean with that formation they played the best football this season and i think its also the best way to stop Bayern, you have to put more man in the midlefield to stop peps team. Look at Gladbach they also played the same formation and won, even the manager of gladbach said that they got the inspiration from that formation against juve cause they saw how hard it was to break them down and now recently dormund also played the 3 man defense

Danyal Chughtai says:

dybala and marchisio are injured so its game over

perperperx3 says:

2-2 Bayern win on pens

Ryan Previti says:

"Pep is an arrogant prick" thank god someone said it

Bayern Fan TV says:

3:1 win is what I'm predicting

Rafael Barbieri says:

it's a really tricky tie. it's not like Bayern haven't conceded goals in the Champions League in the past. Real scored 4, barca 2 in the first half in Munich. united score in a second leg in Munich and that match was closer then the scoreline suggest.

still Bayern are big favorites. Juventus advancing would be epic though. hopefully we are in for a classic that we will remember for a long time.

kalunda says:

I hope Juventus Lose they Just Defender were lucky to beat Madrid last season. Hope Bayern spank that booty.

Rafael Barbieri says:

shutting out Bayern at home is nearly impossible. they will score at least one unless we see one of the greatest defensive performances in quite some time.

on the other hand Juventus aren't out of this unless Bayern are up by three. so Juventus probably understand that they need to score twice. if they were to allow a goal in the process, it really doesn't change that all that much. even if Juventus found themselves up 1-0, playing overly defensive and conceding possession would be incredibly risky given that one goal would knock them out.

khadim ndiaye says:

if Bayern scores first, Juve can forfeit the match…

khadim ndiaye says:

if Bayern scores first, Juve can forfeit the match…

StewieGriffin says:

Juve can do it, they have the players and mentality to shock the world on 16 March at the Allianze Arena! Get ready for a crazy night of Champions League football! Forza Juve!#BeHeroes.

Vonicon says:

4:1 to Bayern with a 3:0 half-time lead

zak Hassan says:

what is that background noise me as a madrid fan would like to see the favorites to get knocked out and havehopefootballhut what do you think of page winning the league

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