FC Bayern Munich vs Juventus Turin 4:2 (6:4) Post match thoughts

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Lost says:

Juventus Fans just be happy. Under normal circumstances Juventus would lose without any glory. Now you have made a great impression in Europe. Be satisfied with that achievement.

Ervin Ruka says:

……but the kimmich red card not given in the end of the first half was the blowing part of the referee's huge mistake. You can't allow a player to elbow a player off the ball in the face and allow that player to be on the pitch. That was a straight red incident and all books of the rules.
Also the referee giving so many unnecessarily yellows to juventus players, made them second half to not engage on one-to-one contact a lot. That made them drop the pace of the game.
And you're right. Allegri made the wrong substitutions. Morata-manzdukic a big no-no.
Khedira-sturaro major mistake and cuadrado-peryera unforgiving . He took out the pace of the counterattack by morata-cuadrado to inject a slow pace. Allegri never makes a mistake in subbing, but this time he messed it up, unfortunately.
Still gutted but well done to Bayern for believing until the end .

Ervin Ruka says:

One of the best post match analysis I've heard.
I'm a juventus fan myself, and I really believed, even before the match that we could do it.
Then 1 day before the match, we heard that marchisio,chiellini and dybala most of all, we're going to miss the match, not to mention the other 2 injures that were not that relevant.
To be honest I lost the hope a little bit knowing especially that Dybala was going to miss the match, one of the future starts in the footballing world. I never thought we were going to perform like that with key players missing,but we did and I felt hard done by the end of the game. Over the course of 90 minutes we really deserved, taken into consideration so many chances we had to finish the game (dybala would have definitely killed those chances off). But even on the extra time, apart from those quick succession counter attacking goals, Bayern didn't have many chances, where as we had 3 good chances.
I'm not that bothered about the disallowed goal….

gio trenta says:

admit it, you were just lucky, with the referee on your side, that is it!!!

Master Joke says:

It was wayyy too intense, one of the best matches

Lazy Jones says:

one of the greatest games for me yesterday 😛 ….i was depressed for 70 minutes ….and then this comeback …. just awesome 😉

Lazy Jones says:

are u an english bayern fan ? if yes ..i like it ; )

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