PES 2019 – Barcelona vs Juventus – Final UEFA Champions League [UCL] – Messi vs Ronaldo

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cenzo Scaglione says:


Juan David Pineda González says:

like si siempre coje al juventus

Rahmat Suhandari says:

Good Ronaldo and messi

امير الحجيمي ameer am.hgemi PUPG MOBlE says:


Muhammad Alyan says:

Ronaldo is a best

aritra Datta says:

Ronaldo and Messi both are my best player


How stupid are you guys that are saying ronaldo is better beacuse the guy is playing beginer and controlling juve and thsts how they won stupid

Md Kamal says:

Whats your game name

Obadah Khasawneh says:

برشلونه احسن من يوفنتوس

Efe Senai MERAL says:

Serefsiz barcelonadan olsana

Muhammad Farizal says:

Hello , can i get the link of this patch ?

Mery Coimbra De Camacho says:

Gana barcelona

arthina athoumani says:


Marlon Zuniga says:

Playing in easy mode jejejeje

Lalit Bhandari says:

Messi is my best player

Lalit Bhandari says:

Messi is my best player

Al Shanty says:

Ronaldo keren mesi jancokk

Mathews Dylan Gianluk Utia Puyó says:

Mathews Dylan Gianluk Utia Puyó

cr7 futebol games says:

Juventus CR7 x Barcelona LM 10

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