Champions League anthem Final Berlin 2015 Juventus vs Barcelona

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Hashem Saleh says:

i hope repeat this day in this year
visca barca

Thoriq 2003 says:

Mes que un club😍

Sales Luan says:

FC Barcelona 😍😍😍😍😍

田中淳 says:


J M says:

I don't like how they give Barcelona a tiny section Barcelona can fit 90.000 fans in ther stadium but the other team can only fit 20.000

L'Angolo del Fib says:

c'mon barca

ShenjiY9 - Overwatch says:

guys this Is my uncle's channel please sub to him 😀 he has great content

Antonio Adamo says:

great feelings

Donnie says:

Magical video. =)

sungsam says:

Amazing!!! :))

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