Check out this new Juventus logo | FOX SOCCER

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Juventus gets a new logo, but fans were not pleased.

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Check out this new Juventus logo | FOX SOCCER

FOX Soccer


100 Subscribers Without Videos says:

Would rather see an old lady as the badfe

This Guy says:

cool looking logo to a…J

Rolls Reus #BVB says:

Almost as trash as Darmstadt…

Elfin Woodchuck says:

FOX Soccer you should have put a poll with the i button

Bandelaro says:

i hope it doesn't last long it's hurts my eyes to look at it

Bob Smith says:

I don't get all of the hate

bartek7pl says:

I like it it is very modern.

Michael Reyes says:

that logo is a disgrace to juventus

littlemushi 97 says:

it looks like a new sponsor

Ammon Laulusa says:

It looks like a modern fashion design logo. But not a football club crest.

Fayzan Mirza says:

Image what Juve legends like zidane and pirlo are thinking…this looks like a shoe and clothing logo

TeddyPicker191 says:

It looks like a symbol from a dead language or something. They had a good looking logo why did they change it

Soulflame123 says:

The logo wouldn't be bad if it was for a clothing brand or something, but it's just not appropriate for a great football club like Juventus. What a shame

Venko says:

Fox Soccer are so late. I already knew about this almost 2 days ago

Kazi Hasin says:

Use the font as a way to print the players' names on jerseys but don't ruin the history behind the club.

Tony Stark says:

there was nothing wrong with the old logo this new crest is worse and could have been designed by a 3 year old

Jamal Givens says:

I'm a Manchester United fan, but the logo look so awkward. They should have not change it at all.

amontes28 says:

It looks like A Chinese club logo

MV28 says:

It's okay… People will get used to it.

vikram gulati says:

This will be so overused in Fifa 18

suadinfullaffect says:

Minimalistic and unique logo

Hall Of The Vardy says:

its actually a cool logo, i just dont want to see it as a crest.

Yahel Duran says:

It's great but what I'm sad about is that they're leaving the traditional and classic design

Jefe Hobbs says:

Are they really changing to this? No way. No.

Savi Guzman says:


Love it.

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