😲ROMA 3-0 BARCELONA!😲 The Song! (Champions League Parody Goals Highlights 2018)

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Manolas, Dzeko and De Rossi do the damage as Missi goes missing and Barca get knocked out!
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AS Roma vs FC Barcelona 3-0 (4-4 on aggregate)
UEFA Champions League Quarter Final 10.4.18

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I Love Liverpool says:

Anyone came here after Liverpool 4 – 0 Barca?

Shehroz Amer says:

Anyone know the name of the song this is a parody of?

enf- yusuf says:

Cengiz undeer 17

Fionn McHale says:

Where's Messi tatoos

Pham Quang Anh says:

Roma out!!! Away goal!

El Canario says:

0:10 Luis áre you stupid is
A shit were go again

виктор геймер says:

Haha barsa bill neymar the chew anymore

Vendou says:

i love coutinho voice

Elias Rtaima says:

The good Thing is that you can Listen to this every season! 😂😂

Bibechan Binayee says:

Even Liverpool are going through😂😂😂

The dasher gaming says:

Here we go again… we were playing in anfield…a 3-0 lead……..planning a 5-0 win tottetham?liverpool?are in the final.THATS A WIERD FINAL…Liverpool destroyed us badly.what the heck.BANNED.their just a op as us.Chicken e chicken.MANE here comes origi were in shit now 4-0 lost.were out of champions league now

I’m your Mom says:

They should have made one for Liverpool vs Barcelona

Anirban Das says:

I needed a Paris version of Liverpool vs Barca

Leo Messi says:

Who is here after coutinho dead? 🤨

Amit Kharwal says:

We want a remake for Liverpool and Barca

xXHeroGeoXx Geo says:

Barca0-Liverpool4 😭😭😭😭Next year Barca will win the 19/20 champions league

Chrisi Groves says:

I thought manolas used to have 19 shooting

The Kobster 05 says:

Should have done this for their 4-0 loss vs Liverpool

Zlatan Egohimavic says:

Now England ends Barca and Ajax.

Jose Campillo says:


Pardro Mapper says:

Who's after LFC vs Barcelona 4-0?

1000 subcribers without any video k says:

It happend agin but this time vs liverpool

TryHard Biscuit says:

Therapist: It's okay you're in a safe place, please tell me what happened this time.

Suárez: We were playing in Liverpool.

Therapist: Go on.

Messi: A 3-0 lead planning a Final-Bash

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