The North Korean Wonderkid Wanted By Juventus

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A seemingly impossible feat, but surprisingly enough Han Kwang Song has managed to make an impact despite coming from the most hostile and restrictive country known as North Korea…We look at how he has been taking Seria A by storm and how he is possibly joining Juventus…

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Liong Vue says:

You dont have to really tell Kim how much he getting pay.

Kyo Shiroma says:

pleaseee!!! the ONLY problem in the world has a name : USA!!!!

Andreina Rangel says:

Average, journeyman Serie B/2nd Division type. Won't survive in the "A".

Diz Fire says:

Are you serious change Dybala for that guy omg other clubs faster get Dybala like Real Madrid,Barcelona,Man U,Man City,PSG and other good clubs I don’t want him to go NK(I think they will regret)

xStarx CR says:

0:00 no. KIM JON UN

M8R1L0 M8N17 says:

I already knew him, just didn't know he was wanted by Juventus😳

Rowena Rodio says:

Son is the new Asian superstar

ة ريال says:

who the fuck is that white dude he looks like a girl 😡😡😡😡😡😡

philip jnr says:

2019….what happened?

Gylex Mainam says:

It’s like a curse to be born in North K

Giovanni Borsari says:

Oh man razzi is not the best person, he's kinda like kju

Mostafa Awad says:


Muhammad Amirul Ashraf Azhar says:

why does james montague have north korean propaganda posters?

Anthony Suarez says:

Atleast he has freedom a bit poor kid 🙁

Anthony Suarez says:

Heung son vs this kid lol 😂

North Korea did well in 1966 World Cup so….. they are a footballing nation

Gerardo Guerra says:

What's Korean for overrated?

Arquimedes Quintero says:

Let's say he's THAT good but I very much doubt he's worth supporting a regime like that. Most probably he's another overrated young player. It's cheaper to get those from Brazil.

Andreas Borgesen says:

Kim is cool

hamady mshalaba says:

Good content though motion picture was weird

Ranger Kills says:

His family should suicide so that the living can live

Rashid Khalid says:

North Koreans are feed up of watching Tottenhams son especially in champions league
So now they are trying to rival their neighbours in producing better players

мали мокри луг says:

They will change there nationalities

Ben Smith says:

It would be football . You cocks

Yutube User says:

Thought that was Bobby firmino on the thumbnail

Fishing InTheDeep says:

1:17 “I know what you are thinking what’s Barney been drinking”

Cesar Bravo says:

Screw the sanctions

maddigas says:

north korea best korea.

Real Madrid says:

Disliked because it isn’t relevant anymore

Tom König says:

Fire whoever made the seizure inducing graphic at 1:18

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