Cristiano Ronaldo 2018/19 ●Dribbling/Skills/Runs● |HD|

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Fist Season for Juventus 2018/2019!

1st Song: Rival – Walls (feat. Bryan Finlay) [NCS Release]

2nd Song: TOMLINE & itsdelr – Same (Magic Free Release)

3d Song: HRSH & SVRRIC – Oblique

4th Song: Wizard – Spartans


kenneth aguilar says:

8:12 fortnite headshot and bus sound HAHAHA

kile says:

Ronaldo 2013/14 – GOAT

Ronaldo 2007/8 – arguably GOAT
Ronaldo 2016/17 – bad first half of season, but he DESTROYED everyone else afterwards, Record breaker, The big game player, Finisher, Leader, god – BECAUSE nobody believed in him, "arda turan has more goals" they said, then he surpassed messi in UCL, everybody was like he cant dribble he isnt fast enough but he always scored left right centre, left, right foot, header, everyone tought he was finished and then he FINISHED everyone who was in front of him in La Liga and UCL
Ronaldo 2014/15- best Heading of Ronaldo`s career
Ronaldo 2012/13 – Complete player, Best Scorer and Finisher, 90 percent of 2013/14 season
Ronaldo 2015/16 – improvement from 2014/15, great finisher scorer and Greatest LEADER, had problems and doubters+haters at start of the season, and after the season at start of EURO 2016(missing penalties in euro etc.) but he proved doubters wrong

Ronaldo 2011/12- Most Complete, Best goals, longshot and knuckleball king, great speed and dribbling, won la liga,

Ronaldo 2017/18 record breaker, amazing goals,

Ronaldo 2018/19- adaptive Ronaldo, is combination of all ronaldos from the years-just small details from past season like Leadership shown vs Atletico, Leadershi and big game player vs Switzerland and Winning nations League, winning league title like in 2012 and 2017, scoring in supercup like in 17/18, doing more skills like in 2008, everything but much much declined level compared to his level, his worst level is above others excluding messi .

Delta_ Games says:

Simplesmente o Melhor

Настоящий Казах says:


Ganster xD says:

Ronalo Boş adam

we sports says:

Si quieren ver mas sobre cr7 los invito a mi canal suscribanse. Y disfruten la pasion por el futbol muchas gracias saludos

Vicente Galvan says:

Constructor en la cancha, destructor en la cama 😍❤👌

Kairo Gonzalez says:

Mira este otro video de Cristiano Ronaldo

LordEnoc 562 says:

Why do they ALWAYS play some shitty ass music in this videos??
Just leave the original audio instead no one likes this gay ass songs

Jin Kazama says:

Overrated prick took six years to win his first ballon d 'or he has to wait for the departure of players like ronaldhino, kaka and r9 to be mentioned

Beatriz Aguirre Mamani says:

cr7 el mejor

Prepara esas nalgas says:

soy fan de messi (el mejor de la historia) pero para mi el segundo mejor de la historia es Cristinano sin duda

Eddie el sabroso says:

El caballo beeetooo el prietoooo 👍👍👍

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