FEDERICO BERNARDESCHI – Welcome to Juventus – Amazing Skills, Passes, Goals & Assists – 2017 (HD)

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Federico Bernardeschi ► ScoutNation™ – Home of Football: Reviews for YOU, chosen by YOU.
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Federico Bernardeschi is a 23 year old Italian footballer who plays for ACF Fiorentina. This video shows all of his goals, assists and overall play from International friendlies, Club friendlies, the Italian National Cup and 1st division of 2016/17 season up until the date this review was published.

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ScoutNationHD says:

Amazing midfielder from Fiorentina! The Italian maestro has scored 13 goals and added 7 assists in 38 games so far this season with an average rating of 7.03/10. He has also notched up a tidy 4 MOTM awards in the process. Here's a 13 minute review of this wonderful talent, reintroducing for a 2nd time Federico Bernardeschi! PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE!

If not Why not says:

Chiesa is also good like him juve should also buy him from fiorentina fc

Rifaldi Yusup says:

Hes like kaka skill

ol S says:

what is title of bgm?

agelo says:

why ambidexterity is a weakness???
many people are dying trained to be ambidex!!
del piero and zola also an ambidexterity with their 2 feet equally lethal so that become their weakness?
its like saying spiderweb is spiderman weakness -_-

Victoria Peneva says:

The next Del Piero

Raoni Monteiro says:

Novo Roberto Baggio ?

Kev G. says:

wow this dude makes magic with the ball

Ramces Jauregui Martinez says:

Reminds me of yannick ferreira carrasco

Zizou XavierD3rd says:

Remembers Me Wit Martin Odegaard But Wit More Speed, Agility & Strength Not 2 4get Hiz Amazing Shootin Power Whether it's Feince or Direct Shooting

Zizou XavierD3rd says:

Odegaard Reaches Beyond His Highest Potential On FIFA 18 iz Federico Deschi … lol

Murat Dereli says:

Ne oyuncuymus amk çok iyi

Marco Dela Vega says:

https://youtu.be/vYmR3BI5JOI Bernardeschi fail!

Marco Dela Vega says:

https://youtu.be/vYmR3BI5JOI Bernardeschi fail!

Jonathan L says:

Di maria 2.0

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