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Juventus recruited Han Kwang Song in the final moments of the transfer window. Han is the first North Korean player to play in Serie A and he’s also become the most expensive player from his country. Who is this stranger in the ranks that Juventus snatched from Cagliari?


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XxXM0BILE GAMERXxX /Music remix says:

Bruh he already has airpids Even people from North Korea are richer than me

Abdu Balul says:

An opportunity to defect from NK and to seek asylum, if he has no relatives there.

TONY 913 says:

He shouldn't go to Italy because people of there are racist

TheSoulEater121 says:

Chong Te Se also was a North Korean Player… So? Juve saw his talent! Nothing else!

Lee Monaco says:

Players are joining Juventus cause of Ronaldo.

Khai Liansang says:

I like the music

FZ Gaming says:

I'm very proud because I'm from Southeast Asia . Of course I'm Asian people

420ANGEL says:

I know about him through carreer mode

Tony Aguilar says:

Real Madrid = Kubo 🇯🇵
Barcelona = Hiroke abe 🇯🇵
Juventus = Han Kwang-song 🇰🇵
Espanyol = Wu Lei 🇨🇳
Anybody else catching on to this 🤔, maybe their buying Asian players just for marketing purpose only, I'm convinced by now. Asian fans are crazy and especially when a player from their country ends up in top 5 clubs in the world. Trust they will spend money on that team jersey with players name and tv views will go up. It's all about money now and players being called or tipped to be next Messi an ronaldo. Putting all that pressure on them ruins them, few examples. Robinho,el sharaway, delofueo, gotze, bojan, renato Sanchez, asensio, next is vinicius, rodrygo as for dembele. I pray mbappe and ansu fati take care of themselves and grow to their full potential.

lass ki says:

I knew him from FIFA 19, he is one of the promising player in FIFA 19😂😂😂

Shahed Ali says:

Kean was sold though

luke tutolo says:

Who else couldnt give a shit about this video

Anton says:


History Money says:

Kim jong un like this

B222K says:

Is this why juventus didnt give a fuck about south korean fans? 😂

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