Marcelo: "Cristiano Ronaldo was sh***** himself before the final against Juventus" | Oh My Goal

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“Cristiano was sh***** himself!” Marcelo’s revelations about Cristiano are hard to believe. However, Cristiano must have felt huge pressure ahead of the 2017 Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus.

As a great leader, Cristiano Ronaldo had some powerful words for his teammates ahead of the match. A life-saving speech that Marcelo will never forget.


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The Hidden Passenger says:

This is garbage really and completely made up lol

kelvin vega says:

You give cristiano too much credit…

Mohammad Aiman says:

Better love story than twillight

GokuBlack17 NL says:

Everyone: …..
Me: Bromance♥️💪🏾

reja uw says:

Marcelo go to Juve

Zahid Naseer says:

What was the word

Andrei Arama says:

The only thing shitty is the video itself

MobileGAMEZ _ says:

Marcelo can go to juventus,cause we all know it will be a while till Ronaldo comes back to madrid


Cr7 and Marcelo they both are very good friend
who agree so like 👍

Сергій Київський says:

Finally, story that we are deserved… Crappy story, I can't sleep before this video uploaded.

Ryukobestwaifu says:

From title it read marcelo said ronaldo was shit

noodle dick mcginty says:


karlhensrm says:

Referees: Don't worry guys i got your backs!

karlhensrm says:

Juventus was a better team then Real Madrid that year but they managed to s*** themselves

nallis01 says:

Damn! You just gave Marcelo a Vagina. Poor Marcelito. Heart broken and destroyed with millions of dollars. Please! Man up!

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