Juventus vs. Barça: who has the best team?

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FC Barcelona and Juventus are having a great summer transfer window so far, with the signing of de Ligt and Rabiot for Juventus, and Griezmann joining Barcelona.
At Oh My Goal we asked ourselves which one of these newly-reinforced teams would win if they were to face each other.

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Gabriela Rodriguez says:

Gg but Juventus wins

Rafael Carmo says:

Juventus would win

treasureash says:

Like Barca comment Juventus

Jared Santillan Navarro says:

Umiti for lenglet

يوسف السند الذكي says:

Simply barca is better cause of Messi

Arundhati Kar says:

it should be messi vs ronaldo

Mohamat Mapiase says:

Juventus vs Barca

Me: liveepool

Mimi Tumkaya says:

Both combined

Ter stegen- Barcelona
Cancelo- Juventus
Pique (maybe de ligt)- Barcelona
Chiellini- Juventus
Alba- Barcelona
Arthur- Barcelona
Busquets- Barcelona
De Jong- Barcelona
Messi- Barcelona
Ronaldo- Juventus

8- Barcelona. 3- Juventus

Ash Studio's says:

Barca is having a better squad but because of CR7 Juventus is better

Conqueror Shrey says:

Like juventus
Comment barca

Sofiane says:

Barca are better

Jezz Imrni says:

Juventus is better than barca

danijela zadro says:

Eat your shity ass asshole!!!!!!!!!

Growtopia Person says:

If u say barca ur mom is fat

Martin Azilinon says:

stegen cancelo deligt umtiti alex sandro arthur pjanic dybala dembele ronaldo messi mixed xi btw wtf is this their mid is pjanic matuidi dybala

irfan pathan says:

Barça are 10th time better than juventus.. Except Ronaldo and chellini no one comparable upfront of Barça player..

manish kumar says:

Barcelona. How can you forget dembele, vidal,rakitic,umtiti and sergi roberto

Enan Bin Didar says:

Barcelona has better than juve

Justin Aiafi says:

Like barca and comment juve dont worry Lasers Flin we got u

Da Dawg says:

Next do Liverpool v Real Madrid

Liverpool Fan says:

True Oh My Goal fans will know this was a re-upload

EdsonGamingJr says:

Juventus vs Barcelona my predictions
Buffon vs ter Stegen Buffon wins 1-0
Semedovs merih demiral Semedo wins 1-1 pique vs de ligt de ligt wins 2-1
Lenglet vs cheillini cheillini wins 3-1
Alba vs Alex Sandro Alex Sandro wins4-1
De Kong vs ramsey de jong wins 4-2
Sérgio vs pjanic pjanic wins 5-2
Messi vs dybala Messi wins 5-3
Griezman vs Costa griezman wins 5-4
Suárez vs Ronaldo Ronaldo wins 6-4
So on my predictions at Allianz stadium Juventus wins 2-1 and at campo nou they draw 2-2 so Juventus wins on aggregate (4-3)

gopi nath says:

Barcelona lineup

Football Highlight says:

Juventus deaf barce 3-0

Death Roid TV says:

The last number of the number of likes in this comment you are that player

0 Buffon
1 Neymar
2 allison
3 Ronaldhino
4 Pele
5 Maradona
6 Hazard
7 Ronaldo
8 Messi
9 Salah

Ismail Haque says:

sub= juve

comment= barca

Muhammed Afsal says:

Like juv=
Coment barca=

Noé Sautel says:

Barca better

Wasif DYBALA says:

Juve vs Liverpool

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