Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't come out for Juventus vs. AC Milan if he's not injured – Nicol | Serie A

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After being subbed off for the second straight game, Sebastian Salazar, Craig Burley and Steve Nicol dive into Cristiano Ronaldo’s problems at Juventus. Nicol is very confident Ronaldo is dealing with an injury, saying that Sarri wouldn’t take Ronaldo out if he wasn’t injured. Burley admits that Ronaldo’s numbers are down, but attributes the lack of stats to a different style of play due to his age.

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Hahaha Sure says:

But yet that clown in the middle is always quick to bag on Messi but looks for excuses for ronaldi

Jeff Goselink says:

CR7 is struggling with goals because of his teammates, bring Benzema to Juve, just one man's opinion.

Shyam Shrestha says:

This maneger bull so celci throw out even he make celci beetween four

Joyson Fithu says:

Sarri should sack from Juve

AK S says:

Great and fair analysis.

Syed Ibrahimshah says:

If they do like this juventus is gonna fall down like real Madrid .legend cr7

Elhadj Ba says:

Frankly I think Alex Sandro and cuadrado don’t wanna play with him and higuain because they always look up to see him and make a short stupid passé but I frankly think it should be Douglas costa-Ronaldo-dybala this duo will be Fire 💯

Prabhjot Singh says:

Idk why , but Serie A seems to be so much inferior as compared to LaLiga or Premier League🙄

conny coutinho says:

a player who can play only for barcelona is no 1.

fleco92 * says:

Stop hating on Ronaldo

santosh singh says:

RONALDO got nothing left in him anymore as Messi probably due to age difference but he should retire now

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