Crypto News: Austria, Coinbase, Juventus, Waves, Request Network, Ambrosus (24th-29th of September)

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Crypto News: Austria, Coinbase, Juventus, Waves, Request Network, Ambrosus (24th-29th of September)

Austria to Use Ethereum Public Blockchain

On 25th of September it was annouced that Austria’s government is set to use the Ethereum (ETH) public blockchain to issue €1.15 billion ($1.35 billion) of government bonds in an auction next week.

Oesterreichische Kontrollbank (OeKB) which is one of Austria’s biggest banks with $26 billion in assets (2017) — will reportedly the live blockchain notarization service. During the auction on 2nd October, the bank will issue the bonds on behalf of the Austrian Treasury (OeBFA) aka Austrian government.

Coinbase published their Coinbase Listing website

Coinbase has published new website that allows users to list new cryptocurrencies to be listed without fees. On the website different users can apply for the listing including lead developers or founder, major investors (over $1M invested), executives or employees

There are several requirements for the tokens to be listed an all of them are clrearly listed the most important ones are:
The asset is not classified as a security using Coinbase’s Securities Law Framework.
There is a working alpha or beta product on a testnet or mainnet.
Clear timeline with stages of development, reasonable project milestones, or built-in development incentives.
Open-source code, well-documented peer-review, and testing by contributors separate from the initial development team on GitHub, etc.
It is a service, work, or hybrid token.
Customer demand.

Waves update

On 26th of September Waves has annouced that the smart accounts have been activated on Waves MainNet! With that developers can set up smart accounts using the RIDE IDE. This will enable them to implement various kinds of account controls, including multi-sig addresses, token freezing, atomic swaps, voting and Oracles.

Through the usage of smart contracts Waves tries to make the platform more secure and flexible, providing additional tools for businesses and end users, but also offer entirely new use cases and scope for powerful decentralised applications.

This means Waves is entering into direct competition with the likes of Ethereum, NEO or EOS. On top of that on 20th of September Waves has annouced that they have reached 1 million created wallets. Keep in mind that this is a total number of wallets so there will be a lot of inactive ones. Still, impressive result nevertheless. Waves is currently around 40th place in terms of mcap with cap of around 220M.

Request Network updates

Request network had some updates this week where they have added support for more tokens within their system. All of the new cryptocurrencies have some type of prototype or are already used in real life so it’s obvious that Request are trying to stick to known projects. The new supported cryptocurrencies include:
Kin (KIN)
Binance Token (BNB)
Basic Attention Token (BAT)
0x (ZRX)
Chainlink (LINK)

Other new developments include Request Crowd which is a crowdfunding platform that allows the users to easily raise money for different projects. Other development include Request Donations which allows websites to accept an array of cryptocurrency donations. Request is currently around 150 place on coinmarket cap with cap of around $30M.

Juventus entering cryptocurrency

On 25th of September Juventus announced a multi-year strategic global Partnership with blockchain-based fan engagement platform and unveiled plans to launch the ‘Juventus Official Fan Token’ to its global fan base.

Juventus’ fans will have the chance to purchase Tokens through a scheme known as a Fan Token Offering (FTO) and aim to release the Fan Token as early as Q1 2019. Juventus has more than 340 million supporters worldwide and a global, digital fan base that exceeds 60 million across social media platforms making it quite a significant step but it is unclear how much value actual tokens will have.

Ambrosus Update

Ambrosus has been busy recently with series of updates and blogs. On top of that they have published a very professional documentary about how Premium Goods one of the largest vanilla exporters in the world is using AMB Blockchain for the global vanilla supply .

The recent blog post looks how Ambrosus will participate in The 4th Industrial Revolution focusing on internet-of-things, artificial intelligence, drone and nano technologies and 3D printing. Ambrosus will try to revolutionize supply chains and allow tracking of precious commodities, verification of medical test trials, insurance to pharmaceutical supply chains and more.

The most important recent annoucement include the updated plan for masternodes where users can apply for a spot on AMB-NET and run variety of nodes depending on how many tokens they hold. Ambrosus is currently around 200th place on coinmarketcap with mcap of around $20M making it surprisingly low down the list.

This is not a financial advice.


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Lots of exciting information. I like your clear format. Be great to see that utilised on a video on Cardano to break it down since there's so much going on at the moment with the imminent main net release and smart contracts

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Im a fan of waves

TMI Fanboy says:

AMBROSUS = the vechain of Europe (screenshot this comment)

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How about a video on Byteball? Smart contracts end users can read and write, not just developers. With Ethereum end users need to trust the developers code

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Is true that Telegram will lunch a token?

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