PES 2016 Demo (Xbox One) FC Bayern Munchen vs Juventus Gameplay

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PES 2016 Demo Gameplay

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theos keri says:


Donari says:

looks like fifa 07

Shrimp says:

It looks pretty good aside from the incredibly slow movement and goalkeepers. They are SO slow and literally dont catch anything…

Habib mojumder says:

Hey there ppl!
My classmate a day ago
generated a free key for this game with the ax00ms ph00bas generator (Google its name or something. I cant recall the url)
I tested version 1.1.4 and it worked extremely good. Enjoy!

Andi Muhammad Rifki Alqadri says:

exactly the same as what the game will be on PC…..

NixisFUT says:

Damn this looks like PES4…plastic visuals…like cartoon.

Peter E says:

no commentary???

legniak1 says:

same game,same problems.Goalkeepers are still garbage. Defenders have no idea how to stay goalside of the attackers. I've always played PES because of the fluidity,passing and realistic player movement but that just doesnt cut it any more. Tactically weak,still looks sub par and for basically the same game as last year,ill be keeping my $60 thanks Konami

Hiddenkarl says:

This is absolutely shocking. As a game that is supposedly built on a similar engine to metal gear solid it looks like a game you'd play down the arcade a few years ago. The speed of play, the positioning of AI, the reactions of everyone that doesn't have the ball, the way everyone has to stop and take 2 touches minimum before doing a sideways pass, it's all disastrous. It looks like fifa 2003 with better graphics. I'd be suprised if you couldn't score with every shot from the halfway line…

btlwpo says:

what is the difference between PES 2016 and FIFA

DRH says:

Thanks for the upload, SGU

flotech66 says:

The game is better this year,but it is about time for KONAMI  to push fox engine a little bit more.

André Contato says:

Vai Corinthians!

Bobby Aiyer says:

PES Demo from SGU was unexpected.

Casey Browne says:

Will the full release of this have as any leagues as Fifa does?

Justin says:

can anyone honestly tell me this is closer to how real players move irl than fifa? lol ridiculous! they take 3 steps just to turn 90 degrees, even the skillful ones.

Abdo Alrawii says:

fastest goal on the earth

Rilo1999 says:

that goal by juventus to tie it at 2 was insane

Bruno Cezar says:

No, i'm fine.

Andrew Taylor says:

Shits all over Fifas chest

Lamaine Thomson says:

this guy thinks he's playing fifa

Abdallah Ahmed says:

too easy to score

Abdallah Ahmed says:

i still think that pes 2013 have the best giraphic

glorfindel75 says:

It is PES 2015. The same dynamics for the goals… with steel nets and skaters on the field

Diego says:

for example at 10:05

Diego says:

whenever theres a shot on goal on the last minute before ref blows whether its for half time or full time theres been that bug where it looks like its going in and it never does..
its been there for years and they never fix it.

Bob Williams says:

I'm back nadas

Adrian Rupar says:

link market please?

Johnathon Hanley says:

Except for the new face slams it looks a lot like pes 15


take it off the easiest level jesus christ.

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