Higuain departs Juventus | Muchas Gracias, Gonzalo!

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Juventus says goodbye and good luck to Gonzalo Higuain after two incredible years at the club. Gracias, Gonzalo!

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Joe Ark says:

Bienvenido Higuain ah espera…

Abdelmasih Abdel says:

i really miss him
sad to see him getting red card
+ i now have no readon to love juve since gonzalo and buffon went

adien dp10 says:

grazias nduuttt..

Carlito says:

Scaricato dopo essere stato usato come l'ultima delle puttane, questo è il trattamento che spetta ai porci come te
Buona europa league merda

Lichandré Olé says:

Ojala hubieras jugado asi en la seleccion

Gustavo H9 says:

Gracias Higua Bienvenido Ronaldo 😎

Elly 00 says:


David Dhannoo says:

Sad to see Gonzalo go.

Kylo Ren says:

Grazie Gonzalo.

Kellz 9 says:

Ronaldo arrives, Higuaín departs.

yoza prayoza says:

Thanks Gonzalo higuain.

iAmPuti _ Official says:

Grandissimo Higuain 👏👏


Grande gonzalo

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