PES 2019 – Juventus vs Paris Saint Germain | Gameplay HD PS4 PRO

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speedyfeint says:

holy shit.. 6:32 look at that stupid ai… what a shit game.

K 6-1-9 VIIXI says:

nhìn xấu hon fifa nhìu

Andrade 150 says:

Mais alguem pela plus julho 2019? Haha

Андрій Білінський says: Pes 2019 Barcelona Vs Liverpool

Lucas Gaviin says:

Por que seu uniforme está padrão? Como mudou?

Youssef Saber says:

When will pes bring best africain player of the year award? Bit sad if you play BL mode with africain player.

Gamer Id says:

Watch pes movie in my channel

Pantelis Vasiliou says:

I can't wait for efootball pes 2020

Ryuzaki L Lawliet says:

After ps+ ?

Nicholas Blackstock says:

Why does this gameplay look sped up? So fast it looks cartoonish

Michael Castellano says:

is this better than Fifa 19?

Michael Castellano says:

This games free in July I'm about to download this!

Pedro Oliveira says:

Vim conferir a gameplay porque vai sair na plus de Julho kkkk

Hrondor says:

Who else is here cos of PS Plus

AllAdeyum says:

It's in PS Plus lmaooo
This is probably one of those games which I least expected in the PS Plus lineup

Edit: Well I opened my mouth too soon

Xpert Cardriving says:

11:37 ronaldo no look pass

Elvis Škopić says:

You can win 2 games vs.Barca 3th 100% You get a goal its all in barca!!

Liathachs Jack says:

my channel make videos about Pes 2019 too so i hope you guys come to my channel and subscribe for me plssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3

Eleonora Allocati says:

If fifa were in colab with pes we could probably have a real game

Reno Robin says:

Just how bad is pes

Maluko Doido says:

PES Da Um Banho No FIFA !

Alan hadley says:

Pes 2011 y 2013 los mejores por siempre. Espero no sea así

olivereng20 says:

this game is to slow in my opinion

rockstarplayer4 gamer says:

hi watch my channel on youtube rockstarplayer4

Ahmed Tayeb says:

Fifa is better than pes

Александр Захаров says:

Please tell me where to get a normal game, and then I have the team names are not real and the form is not real. Thanks.

Bankky ดาวทอง says:

ทำไมแผ่นผมไม่มียูเวนตุสล่ะครับ เป็นเสื้อทีมไรไม่รู้ พีเมียร์ด้วยหลายทีมเลย

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