HAN KWANG-SONG 한광성 ▪ Welcome to Juventus ▪ Skills & Goals HD

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HAN KWANG-SONG 한광성 ▪ Welcome to Juventus ▪ Skills & Goals HD


Skillz Unleashed says:

Will he actually get any game time or just be used as a sub?

Junwon Seo says:

한국으로 와라

حسن Iraqi says:

Song name please

НХ Ли says:

Han, make your country proud!!!
I will follow your future and trust in you.
Be the Korean Hazard!
조선의 영예를! 💪

Sungho Park says:

Please come to south korea. We need you playing with son

IE says:

Good finisher with lots of pace but lacks creativity/playmaking skills. I can't wait to see him playing alongside Ronaldo and Ramsey. He's a more polished and complete footballer than Moise Kean though he doesn't have his power. This is a good move on Juventus' part. They acquire one of the best youngsters in the Italian league – and for a very cheap price – and they also attract more Asian fans to their club. Asian players can be moneyspinners for their club even if they're average – see Son Heung Min. That said, I think Han Kwang Song will be better than Son and he will make his mark – he has to continue developing himself though – he must improve by a lot more to reach the top levels of the sport.

Kevin Ryu says:

North korea is changing

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