Sensible Transfers: Juventus (Summer 2019)

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Sensible Transfers: Juventus – Summer 2019.
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Juventus are currently undergoing great change. After eight successive league title wins under the management of Antonio Conte and then Massimiliano Allegri, they appointed Maurizio Sarri this summer. Ostensibly, this move was made with a focus on altering the teamā€™s style of play. However, in order for SarriBall to be realised in Turin, the club will need to ensure there are stylistically suitable players in every position. Defenders who can play out, as well as midfielders and forwards that can combine and create, are vital. Here, we consider sensible additions they could make with all of this in mind.

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Chewy Suarez says:

The only sensible transfer I saw here is the potential acquisition of Malcuit, all other areas are well stocked especially in central midfield.

SebastiƔn Slrzn says:

Juventus has take note of this and now is about to sign Paredes…Tell me about good analysis.

-Angga says:

Player's Free Agent : Exist
Juventus : I'm gonna save this man's careers

Darkseid is the boss says:

Lol this video is so bad and didn't age well at all. Although i respect your work. Please stick to history videos such as ronaldo at inter and figo transfer to real. Those are your x factor videos not transfer ones

Scottimus Maximus says:

Some really decent transfer this summer, apart from the appointment of Sarri, Danilo and letting Cancelo and Kean go. Idiotic.

Mondwolf says:

Sensible Transfers: Paredes, Dembele and fernandinho??? veeery sensible xD why shouldnt Juve buy Messi and De Bruyne as well?


Thank god this was nowhere close to Juventus' transfer campaign

Frederatormusic says:

Papua Gomez is 31, surely age is a statistic that you consider. Also, how is Dybala not literally the ideal Sarri player? You can't just say crap and that makes it true

Blue says:

I love martine

Bruno Gama says:

Only miedfielder would improve juve is bruno Fernandes, perfect match

Marjuq Shawan says:

Piemonte Calico*

Wahyu Satria says:

love the vid. but football is not only bout the stats.

Stefan Cutajar says:

Would you be interested in uploading a video for SSC Napoli? Thanks, love your channel.

jasiom says:

Please do Sensible Transfers: AC Milan!

Carlos Ventura says:

Imo De Ligt needs time to ease into the league so it makes sense to bench him the first couple games. Since Cancelo is out, Juventus should definitely shop for a RB. Imo Roussillon fits the mold but who knows. Rabiot and Ramsey would fit perfectly as impact subs so a player like Hamsik would be ideal due to his creative/attacking prowess. I also believe that Juves attack is lacking besides an aging Ronaldo, I donā€™t see anyone that helps this team score goals. Therefore, a good RW would be ideal, I would love Lozano but it seems that Napoli might just get to him first.

Raymond Valdes says:

all argentinians your picks

Chadi Ejja says:

Ac Milan vidƩo please

Agostino Lissu says:

who should monaco sign

Ellafunt says:

the music had me thinking that all the sensible transfers were about to bang or something, which porno did you rip the beat from?

omgitscarl says:

Hi Tifo. I'd just like to ask if you could make a video on Denmark winning the 1992 euros? And also what led up to them qualifying, ya know with Yugoslavia and all. That would be nice : )

Jean0987654321 says:


Isaac Fung says:


Xavier Fernandes says:

You should do a Sensible Transfers for Valencia CF

AJAXdaKING says:

Lol, you'd have Gomez/Bernadeschi start over Dybala/Costa?
I like your videos a lot but, I really don't agree with this one.

Clant Pax says:

3 players with age ranging from 25-28yo and one has already past 30, doesn't seem sensible to me if juventus really were to buy them, except for parades, he's good

Patrick Ojujjjujju says:

Do southampton

zyeptik says:

Hamsik left napoli earlier the year

JaydenJaymes100 says:

Wow i commentet that a few days ago thx

alexkurtbaker94 says:

This YouTube channel is what football daily wishes they were when it comes to research & statistics of football & potential transfers.

Tatenda Sakarombe says:

Do a video on why teams are using the player exchange tranfers more nowadays

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