[TTB] PES 2016 Full Gameplay – Manchester United vs Manchester City – The way to play!

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muhammad farhan says:

hard to win

CxT Mystic says:

I've got pes 16 1day ago on 8th October 2016

alright says:

not there in it ok

Ben Elsworthy says:

schweinstriger not on gsme and martial rubbish advertisement got all old players like di maria van prsie

Ben Elsworthy says:

just bought game martial not in team ?

Felix Albrecht says:

What's with the pink shoes?

adam link says:

can  u buy pes 2016

JDoc Fitness says:

they should put your commentating on this game that was amazing man

FlashX says:

Commentary 👌

Notaxmar JR says:

Machester city is better

Ewan Gledhill says:

aguero is number 10

sofgsk8rboi15 says:

your commentary makes the game even better… should put you in the next pes game lol

Tyson Beems says:

can you get the kits on xbox one

Eureka Hai says:

Why KONAMi not make it like 2013 version, this version look like fifa, ugly

andy Gallagher says:

Did u have corners on

Patrick Martin Molinari says:


H 247 says:

the game looks beautiful but… why does the ball hardly ever leave the floor?like every pass is a crisp one that's rolls smoothly lol that isn't football

Harry Powell says:

I decided to buy pes 2016 over fifa this year have I made the right decision

Ray Edwards says:

you are so rubbish at pes 2016

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