Lionel Messi vs Juventus (UCL Final) 2014-15 English Commentary UHD 4K

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#Lionel #Messi vs Juventus (UCL Final) 2014-15 English Commentary UHD 4K

Satellite Feed English Commentary

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Extra Information:
Match: Barcelona 3-1 Juventus (UEFA Champions League Final 2014-2015 Season) 06/06/2015

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ChakyLamO says:

Wow the quality of the video is unbelievable😲😅

Nick Lazo says:

1:53 Juve were rObBeD

Nazrul Islam says:

omg! the quality of the video is just CRAZY! 😳❤
thank you brother for all your hard work. keep it up ❤

samsak sak says:

The video quality is insane that also at 60 fps..😯😯

Arif Channel says:

Just iklan forever, full of shit

NW says:

This was a beast team.

waleed sheikh says:

Bro I downloaded uhd version but only audio is playing on my led

M G says:

Please maté could make a clip messi against CHIIIILEEEE !?! please and please make him score and win…. PLEASEEEEEEE

Herman Herman says:

Lagu minang

KENG says:

Someone needs to create a montage of the goals Messi has created through that cross-field right-to-left ping.

Бахтовар Холиков says:

Месси 10

Ravel Ohee Ravel says:

I like watch when messi vs evra….

Как то так Как то так says:

Ооо Мессссссииииии,ты гений!!!

Zetino J.D. says:

"…..I've seen Stefano, I saw Cruyff, I saw Pele, I saw Maradona and I don't think any can match the wonderful match winning qualities of Lionel Messi" wise words.

Zetino J.D. says:

15:30 Pogba, Pirlo and Vidal running around like "I got it… oh damn, where the ball go??"

kepalaley says:

i miss THAT neymar

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