Ronaldo to Juventus Transfer News||Ronaldo Transfer news

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Reports are coming out that Ronaldo is moving to Juventus in this transfer window.Here is what we got.
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Swad Bodhy says:

He's been kicked out of WC !!!! So all this to stay in the limelight, and steal the show….

Kamal Thapa says:

If it happens then ll be happy for CR7

Gerry Melia says:

And they say this every summer. I'm a United fan.. Trust me I know..


Well done. Bro

Norbert 003 says:

Ronaldo to Juventus
Messi to Inter
Neymar to Napoli
Bale to Milan
Salah to Roma
James Rodriguez to Lazio

VictorCT says:

Yeeess gooo

Hyper Playz says:

Please don't go though am a messi fan

SFS Radio says:

please dont go

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