11 Players who have played for Inter,Milan and Juventus.

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Bonucci becomes part of a unique group.


Tymo Dizz says:

And Trapattoni as coach.

Cucho Lertora says:

Juventus always find away to let go of a star player and still play better but i believe next serie a will be won by Napoli or Juve and Milan will finish third

Abdullah Mukhul Jihad says:

Soon..Andrea Poli..😊😊😊

Diego Ochebiri says:

they all one thing in common they all failed in one of the 3 teams before exploding in the second team and the 3rd team just stealing them for nothing

baldo markovic says:

this is the best lineup made from the players who played in al three Italian giants some of them maded their careers in Milan and some of them in juventus but not in inter hahahhaahah😄😄😄

baldo markovic says:

A lot of thease players played for juventus to

Francesco Pallotta says:

merda means shit

Sofiane Khalloufi says:

all player leave inter to milan hhhhhh😅 and became a big player

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